Home grown. Made in USA
May 10, 2016
Made using reclaimed or recycled material
December 28, 2016

Products without chemicals

We like our products au naturel, because not only do we believe in the quality of nature, but also in protecting it. By eliminating the use of pesticides and other common toxins found in the farming industry, and ensuring a chemical free production process we reduce harm to the earth and all those who inhabit it. Many of our wood products, from beds to bowls, remain untreated and are finished only with natural oils and waxes. Additionally, we prefer textiles and fabrics that have natural finishing and dying processes, such as the use of AZO free dyes. Floral dyes, vegetable dyes, and tea dying are not only eco-friendly and chemical free, but produce some of the most beautiful colors. Ultimately, we believe our products should be as close to their natural form as possible, to benefit us and nature alike.